HRM - step 1 - Preparing the setup

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  1. Make an inventory of all existing leave and sick leave arrangements, including age and/or years of service leave and any arrangements within the company such as leave for relocation, birth, marriage etc.
  2. If a part-time employee has the same leave as a full-timer but in proportion to their employment, this need not be included as a separate leave arrangement.
  3. If you employ hourly workers, write a separate arrangement for them. Hourly workers receive accrual in proportion to the number of hours actually worked.
  4. Inventory all existing rosters for rostered employees.
  5. For each arrangement, determine which employees should be linked to it.
  6. Determine the balance in hours from December 31 last year (if starting January 1)
  7. Start step 2:

Do you do your own payroll in Celery?  

Getting started HRM - step 2 - Permissions and turning on module (end user)

Does an administrative office do your payroll administration?

Getting started HRM - step 2 - Permissions and enabling module (Administration office customers))


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