HRM - step 2 - Permissions and turning on module (end user)

  • Modified on: Mon, 25 Jul, 2022 at 3:00 PM

The Celery HRM module can be used in existing payroll administrations in Celery, both by End Users and by clients from Payroll Service Providers (PSP).

An End User is a Celery Client directly. End users themselves need to activate the HRM module in their Celery account. 

But first, the Account User must be granted HRM privileges in Account / Users with the ‘Manage HR tasks for all employers’ feature, see print screen below.

After that, the HRM module can be activated in Employer / Integrations / Human Resource Management (HRM).

It is advisable to switch off all possible settings during the setup of your HRM module, see below. In that case, employees will not notice any difference yet in their employee accounts.


Later, after you have completed the setup, you can notify all employees and enable the above settings. If you like, you can also inform your employees of the changes to their employee account by sending them the following link to our FAQ/Support website:

You can now get to work filling the data and setting up arrangements for sickness and leave.

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