Start processing my first pay run

  • Modified on: Fri, 9 Aug, 2019 at 2:11 PM

First collect all the possible changes which you want to process in this pay run, and determine which changes are:

1) permanent changes and

2) one-time changes.

A new hire, a leaver, a change in an address or bank account, an advance payment that will deducted in more than one deduction are examples of permanent changes. These changes have to be processed first in the fixed employee data (in Employees).

Changes like overtime hours worked, vacation days taken, bonuses and a deduction of an advance payment that will be deducted at once are examples of one-time changes. These changes must be entered after you have generated the pay run.

The next steps after entering the permanent changes, are as follows:

1) Generate the pay run in Process and click on 'Continue';

2) Add the one-time changes - this can be done manually or via an Excel import. Click on 'Continue';

3) Check the pay slips online if all the changes have been processed;

4) Approve pay slips one by one or with the option 'approve all' and click on 'Continue';

5) in the last screen do (or do not) set dates for notifications to employees and Company users;

6) Enter a possible message to be printed on the pay slips and

7) Click on 'Finalize'.

After that all documents selected will be generated automatically en be stored in the Documents folder.

If you want to remove or reopen an open or a closed pay run, please search in our FAQ/Support website on these terms. Also the possibility that is mentioned in 2 'Excel import' can be found in FAQ/Support. 

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