Removing an employee's leave policy

  • Modified on: Fri, 25 Jun, 2021 at 4:39 PM

Why remove a leave policy

First, we want to inform you that we will never remove a leave policy. Instead we will archive that leave policy at all times. 

You may have linked an employee to a regulation and later find out that the employee is not entitled to that regulation. Or there is some other reason to delete an employee's arrangement.

Please note that this action cannot be reversed

Where to archive a leave policy

Go to tab employees / select employee / HR / Time Off - Edit:

How to archive a leave policy

On the right side of the policy, your find two options:

After you click on Archive, you will then get a pop-up menu where you can specify you choices.


  1. as of which date the scheme should be archived
  2. in case there is still an open balance on the archiving date:what you want to do with the hours processed within this scheme. You can indicate to leave these hours and thus archive them or to transfer them to another scheme.
  3. In case hours have been requested for after the archiving date you canwhat do you want to do with the applications that are still open? You can indicate whether you want to keep these hours and archive them or transfer them to another regulation.


Pressing Archive will archive te policy.

Please note that this action cannot be reversed

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