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  • Modified on: Mon, 19 Apr, 2021 at 3:07 PM

In addition to setting up various leave arrangements, another step is needed to make the workflow of the leave and sick notification run smoothly: entering the employee's current contract and adding the manager. 

Therefore, before you let the HR module be active permanently, it is important to enter the contract for all employees first. Later you can also add the history. 

Entering a contract is done in the tab of the employee / HR:

Then go to section: Career Overview, and press Edit:

You can now enter the current contract under Job information by pressing Add.

1. Effective Date: Here you can enter the effective date of the last contract. This can be the same as the date of employment but does not have to be. This date will not overwrite the date in service because the HR module is completely separate from the payroll module.

 2. Under type of employment you can enter anything you want. Full time, part time, 1st contract, 2nd contract, indefinite contract, on-call contract, zero hours contract etc. etc. Once you have entered something, Celery will remember this for you so that you will not have to enter it again next time.

3. If the contract is undetermined, the end date will not appear. After all, no end date has been agreed. If the contract is for a definite period, you can enter the end date here. In order to receive timely notification of this, you will need to upload the contract, but more on this later.

4. If you have multiple locations within your company, you can specify the location here. Do you have only 1 location? Then you can leave this blank or enter the location. Once something is entered, Celery will remember this for you so that you do not have to enter this employment again the next time.

5. Here you enter the department and position, where and how your employee works. Once you have the HR module up and running, every time you make a change, enter this as a new contract under Job information. This is how a history will be built in Celery from now on.

6. Under manager, enter the manager of the employee. This can also be someone who is not on your payroll.  You do not need to create a user for the manager in Celery because he will soon also be able to see the data of his subordinates within his own employee account. Both the manager and the HR manager can approve or reject leave requests and receive sick notifications.

7. Data entered here can be displayed later for other employees.


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