How to add/modify/remove an employee as user

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What is an employee account user

An employee account user is an employee who has access to only their own data.

Only an employee who can enter employees can create an employee as user, change the email address or delete it.

Other users

By an account user, we mean a user who has access to all the employers listed on your invoice.  

If this is what you are looking for, we would like to refer you to the account user solution.

A company user (employer account) is a user who has access to a particular employer from your account. If this is what you are looking for, we would like to refer you to the solution for company user.

Did you outsource your payroll

Ask your Payroll Service Provider (PSP) to create an employee as a user for you.

Adding an employee as a user

Go to Employees, then choose the employee you want to set up as a user and click on edit to edit the personal data.

Under Employee user account you can enter the desired language and the email address for the employee.

We recommend using the employee's private e-mail address here. This makes it easy for the employee to find all documents when he/she leaves the company. With the private e-mail address, the employee can also view several employers that are in Celery and thus build up his work history.

If you are going to start setting up employees as users for the first time, first enter the e-mail address for all employees and save it. Then go to the Employees tab and select all employees. You can then activate all employee accounts at once via the bulk adjustment.

Changing an employee as a user

The employee can change the user language, for this see the Celery procedure in our explanation: How to change language settings.

If the employee indicates that the email address has changed, you can simply enter the new email address. From then on, the employee can log in with the new email address.

Deleting an account user

By moving the slider under action from yes to no, the employee is no longer a user and can no longer log in.

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