How to change language settings

  • Modified on: Thu, 22 Apr, 2021 at 10:39 AM

Celery can be set in the Dutch- and English language, which can be selected in three different levels: 

1. Account level

This is the highest level, and also the level at which you receive invoices from Celery.

2. Employer level

Multiple employers can be included under one account. You can set each employer individually. By default, this level will be the same as level 1.

3. Employee level 

This is the lowest level. When your employee has his own employee account you can change the language for your employee, or he can adjust the language himself.

Below you can see how the language choice can be set per level:

1. Account level

Go to Account next to your name and press Edit next to the name of your account

At Appearance you can set the language of your choice


2. Employer level

Go to Employer 

Click on edit next to the name of the company

At Appearance you can set the language of the choice of the employer

3. Employee level

Go to Eployees and select the employee

Go to edit personal settings

At Eployee user account you can set the language of the choice of the employee

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