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What social insurances are applicable in Aruba?

AOV/AWW insurance The AOV stands for General Retirement Insurance. This is a national insurance that guarantees to provide of basic pension from the SVB to...

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How is the 'Small income allowance' (Reparatietoeslag) calculated in an Aruban payroll?

When is an employee entitled to the Small income allowance (RT)? If you are an employee working in the private sector, you can apply for the Small income al...

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How do I get the correct payment references on my Aruba Wage Tax Declaration?

As soon as the new numbers of the payment references are known (from the original Wage Tax declarations), you must enter these numbers once per year in Empl...

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How do I set Tax Group 1 or 2 for an employee in an Aruba payroll?

You cannot select Tax Group 1 or 2 yourself. Celery determines per employee based on the information entered, which Tax Group is applicable on this employee...

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Are there different ways to deduct Wage Tax in an Aruba payroll or in case wage tax is calculated base on the Income Tax Table?

Yes, in those two cases there are various methods to deduct wage tax during the fiscal year. A change in the Wage Tax on annual basis, may occur if ther...

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What does 'Average will be included in annual income' in Aruban wage codes mean?

Wage codes with this characteristic usually have a variable character, but are applied periodically and several times a year. For example, payroll codes suc...

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