What social insurances are applicable in Aruba?

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AOV/AWW insurance

The AOV stands for General Retirement Insurance. This is a national insurance that guarantees to provide of basic pension from the SVB to those who have reached retirement age.

Thie AWW insurance is a general insurance that guarantees financial support to a spouse upon the death of his/her spouse and the children upon the death of their father/mother.

The total AOV/AWW premium is 15.5%. There is an employer's contribution of 10.5% and an employee contribution of 5%.

AZV insurance

AZV is a mandatory healthcare insurance and provides for insured claims of certain medical treatment.

The total AZV premium is 10.5%. There is an employer's contribution of 8.9% and an employee contribution of 1.6%.

ZV insurance

ZV insurance covers the risk of 'salary payment during disability', also called Wage Loss (in Dutch: Loonderving).

An employee is obliged ZV insured when:

  1. he/she performs work for an employer in employment, or in person contracted work labor and
  2. he/she earns less than the SVB Wage Limit (2017: AWG 5,850.00 p/m).

The ZV premium is 2.65% and is fully paid by the employer.

OV insurance

Each employee is obliged insured by OV insurance against industrial accidents, regardless of the number of working days per week and the amount of the salary earned.

The OV premium ranges from 0.25 to 2.5% (depending on SVB Accident Class), and is fully paid by the employer.

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