Edit bulk fixed wage codes

  • Modified on: Thu, 23 May, 2024 at 2:21 PM

Using the export and import feature for fixed wage codes, you can adjust many fixed employee data in bulk for a number or all employees using Excel files.

Go the tab Employee and click Fixed wage codes 

You can choose from exporting or importing wage codes.

Export fixed wage codes

By clicking on the 'Start export' button, you will be able to export the wage codes for selected employees in 3 steps.

Step1: Select the employees by clicking the green arrow. You can also select everyone at once by clicking on 'Select all'.

Step 2: Here the wage codes can be selected for export by clicking on the green arrow. It's also possible to select all available wage codes at once by clicking on the arrow next to 'Select all'

Step 3: When you click Next, the export file will be compiled.

The message will appear that the export process is finished, as shown below. You can download your export file by clicking the green button.

Import fixed wage codes

Use Import change to fixed wage codes for one or many employees from an Excel file. Celery can read most formats after you have linked columns and rows to fields. In just 3 steps you can import the wage codes.

Step 1: Upload the excel file by clicking Select file, see below:

Click Open and choose your file, see example below:

Step 2: the next screen will appear

Step 3: Link importfile columns with Celery, follow the instruction as shown on your screen and click Next> , see example below:

Step 4: Celery will analyze the uploaded Excel file. 

Step 5: Review employees and wage codes

Step 6: The new values are imported

After importing the fixed wage codes (in our example this is for 3 employees) you will receive a message that the codes import is finished, as shown in the screenshot below:

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