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  • Modified on: Tue, 22 Feb, 2022 at 10:18 AM

Here you can fully build your personnel file. For each item you can decide who is allowed to view the document. 

You can also build up a file for saying goodbye to the employee here and, if you wish, share it with just the manager. 

What is also very easy is to enter the expiration date of sèdula, driver's license, SVB card, etc. here and send the employee a reminder 60 days in advance. 

A real help to your employees and you are not stuck with an employee who "suddenly" can no longer drive or is no longer insured. 

Go to tab [Employees] and select [HR]

Go to Documents / Vieuw & Edit

To Add a new document, click on [+ Add documents] and [Select file(s)]

Select the file(s) on your computer and click [open]

You can add all data you want, including an expiration date and the reminder for the manager.

You can add as much reminders as you want:

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