An employee goes out of service, what do I have to do to make a good final settlement incl. vacation hours?

  • Modified on: Fri, 6 Mar, 2020 at 11:59 AM

Below we indicate a standard number of steps. It is possible that more steps have to be taken in your company.

When the employee is processed in this way, Celery calculates the premiums actually owed on an annual basis and these premiums are 'settled'. In doing so, Celery takes into account the premium base salaries on annual basis, but then applied on the basis of the number of months in service. Too much deducted premiums are returned and too few calculated premiums will be deducted. This prevents fiscal assessments for both employers and employees.

If there are such differences in social premiums, a message is displayed in the checklist above the calculation during processing. In that way you know that the premiums may show a (small) deviation if the premium amounts are checked and recalculated.

  • After the end date is known, enter that the employee will no longer be employed after the last contract date. (Employees / Employment details / Edit) 
  • If there is already an open wage period, this data will be need tot be updated. You can use the button: 


            If there is no open pay run, you can process the employee in the standard pay run of the period in which the employee leaves employment. When salary must be paid, you cannot use an extra run.

  • Enter the number of hours worked and days to be paid.

  • You can enter the number of vacation hours that you want to pay out on pay code 130. If the employee has taken too many vacation hours, you can settle this number via pay code 250

  • If holiday pay and / or 13th month is reserved through Celery, you can have it paid out automatically. Else you can pay the amounts via wage code 35 - one-off payment for holiday pay or wage code 45 - one-off payment for the 13th month

  • In addition, other deductions or payments can be processed in the open wage run. This includes a Cessantia, other benefits, severance payment, study costs, commission, year-end bonus, profit distribution and others.

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