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What are Cost Centers

For Celery cost centers means an administrative unit that doesn't have to be the same as the department or position. As a result, a different standard than departments can be used for accounting.

Within Celery, an employee can only be linked to 1 department or position, but can be added to multiple cost centers.

When using cost centers:

  • the total of the cost centers per employee always should be 100%
  • You should link all employees to one or more cost centers
  • You can also generate various reports or documents per cost center. For example, the wage journal entry is neatly distributed pro rata the specified percentages per employee among the various cost centers

What can I do with cost centers 

Cost centers can be used for many purposes so you can make your administration even better. Below are just a few examples. 

  • If you have departments but want to manage the accounting per branch, you can create branches as a cost center
  • If you have departments but your employees work for different customers, you can create the customers as a cost center
  • If you want to monitor your (in) direct wage costs, you can create roles as a cost center. (employee / team leader / middle management / management without authority / management with authority)
  • If you want to keep track of the seniority of the employees, you can create the level as a cost center. (starter / junior / medior / senior / manager)

How do I set up cost centers

Go to employer and select Cost centers

You can create an unlimited number of cost centers by using the add button.

If a cost center expires in the future, our advice is to put XX before the name and not to remove it. This is due to historical bookings.

How to link cost centers to a employee

Go to employees and select an employee

Edit employement details

Under Cost centers you can add unlimited cost centers.

If the percentage is not 100%, the wage journal entry will be incorrect.

  • if a higher percentage than 100 is entered, a higher percentage of the wage costs will be posted for this employee (see below)
  • with a percentage below 100%, therefore, not all wage costs will end up in the wage journal.
  • in both cases, Celery will display a message on the employee's cover page

How do I create reports by cost center

Go to reports and select the report of your choice

You can opt for cost center with group by

In addition, you can opt for a specific cost center or all cost centers

Finally, choose apply to display your report

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