About vacation days/hours

  • Modified on: Mon, 6 Sep, 2021 at 7:59 PM

In the payroll module, you can register vacation days/hours. 

Please note that this concerns only a registration function of numbers. 

If you are looking for a total leave registration we would like to recommend the HRM module. Demonstrations are regularly given for the HRM module. You can register for a free demonstration via https://www.celerypayroll.com/en/payroll-and-hrm-demo-registration/  

Accumulation of vacation days/hours

You can manage the accumulation of vacation days/hours for each employee in the tab of the relevant employee (salary / edit).

Enter the total number of days/hours to which the employee is entitled per year under vacation days entitlement. Please note that if it is a part-time employee, you must therefore enter the number of part-time days/hours. It is not possible to enter accrual for an hourly wage earner. This is however possible in the HRM module with automatic accrual based on the actual number of hours worked.

Exclusively the first year, enter the final balance of the last year at opening balance. This balance will be included in the balance sheet that will appear on the paycheck. 

You can choose to grant the accrual periodically, or once a year in a period of your choosing. As a rule, periodic accrual is advised. This keeps leave entitlements manageable.  

If during a year the number of the accumulation of days/hours changes, you can adjust the number at entitlement. From then on, the correct number will be added to the balance periodically. Please note that when you reopen a period, the new accrual will apply. 

Vacation days/hours taken

You enter the withdrawal of vacation days/hours as variable mutations in the periodic processing under pay code 15.

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