Payroll - step 5 - Check all employee(s) data and complete missing information

  • Modified on: Thu, 22 Jul, 2021 at 10:59 AM

Celery imports as much employee data as possible from the import files, but you may still need to adjust or set up certain information yourself.

For example, the following information -if applicable- should be considered:

  • Other wage components other than the fixed gross monthly or hourly wage, such as additional (un)taxed compensation. Also enter any balances;
  • Use the previous year's annual statement to enter the correct annual wages;
  • (Study) data of children should be entered and/or updated. Secondary education as MAVO, HAVO, VWO falls under "other";
  • Vacation pay reservation and 13th month reservation. Also enter any balances;
  • Pension premium;
  • Taxed fringe benefits such as the company car and phone, etc.;
  • Enter various deductions such as loans and deductions for other banks;
  • Enter bank account numbers when making deductions for other (banking) institutions;
  • Employee benefits: distributions other than the standard distributions of social contributions between employer and employee, for example, if the employer accounts for the entire social contributions (i.e., including the employee portion);
  • ZV premium should be unchecked per employee if the employee is not ZV insured. 

    Celery applies in Curacao and St. Maarten payrolls only ZV premium if a workweek of 5 or 6 days is registered in the employee. In Aruba payrolls also employees who work less than a 5 or 6 day workweek can be insured;

  • One bank account number is imported per employee for the net pay, if an employee has the net pay transferred to multiple bank accounts this still needs to be set up in Celery;

  • Tax items such as Single Earner, Child and Elder Allowance and the Reparation Allowance and Basic Discount should be applied with a check mark if applicable, or unchecked.

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