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  • Modified on: Thu, 22 Apr, 2021 at 10:02 AM

Add employer specific documents and manage them within categories. Employer documents can be shared with everyone, managers, specific departments or specific employees.

Consider, for example, the rules of conduct, company regulations or rules in the event of illness. Documents you want to share with all employees. If you have a schedule for a certain department, you can share this schedule with that department only. It is also possible to share, for example, the employment contract with an employee. 

There are many examples, but you know better than anyone which documents are eligible for this in your company!

Go to tab employer / HRM / Documents:

Upload one or several files:

Click on Add:

To add a document, you click on select file(s). You can select any file from your computer:

It is possible to create a category. If it does not exist yet, it will be created so that you can select this category next time.

When the document has an end date, e.g. a schedule or an employment contract, you can enter the end date here. 

Finally, you can specify how far in advance you want to see a notification on the dashboard. You can create multiple reminders.

Share document(s):

You can add the category of your choice for this specific document:

Notify trough E-mail:

Basically, the notification comes on the dashboard. If you want to receive an e-mail in addition to this notification you can specify this. You can also add an optional message.

Pressing save will save this document with the specifications you specified.

By hovering on the line, the right side of the line will give you the option to edit, share, archive or delete this document. 

Our advice is to archive the document after the expiration date so it can always be read back. 

If you choose to delete it, it is gone, and Celery cannot retrieve it.

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