About the payroll tax table extra earnings in a extra run

  • Modified on: Tue, 26 Mar, 2024 at 10:32 AM

This annual wage field is used if an Additional run is processed with only Extra Earning (in Dutch: Bijzondere Beloning).

The Wage Tax Extra Earning (in Dutch: Loonbelasting Bijzondere Beloning) is normally calculated taking into account the regular wage in the same pay run. However, it is possible that there is no periodic wage in the run concerned. In that case, Celery calculates the periodic wage on the basis of the annual wage.

If, for example, SRD 180,000 has been entered in the annual wage field, Celery will take into account a monthly wage of SRD 15,000 and the pro rated Extra Earning will be added to that monthly wage to determine the Wage Extra Earning.

An example:

In an extra run, SRD 15,000.00 is paid out as a bonus over 12 months.

The wage tax will then be SRD 5,700.00 and is calculated as follows:

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