My employee's salary is above SVB/SZV wage limit but ZV premium is applied. How is that possible?

  • Modified on: Wed, 14 Mar, 2018 at 9:56 AM

The ZV premium is activated by default, and must be turned off manually if it is not applicable. You should therefore keep an eye on the SVB/SZV wage limit yourself and leave the ZV premium 'on' or switch it 'off'.

This is due to the following reason: being/not being insured for ZV is tested when entering employment. For existing employees, the November SVB/SZV wage determines whether this employee is/is not insured under ZV insurance next year.

That assessment based on the November salary can cause the following situation:

An employee has an SVB/SZV salary of ANG 4,000 per month in November, which means that this employee will be insured under ZV next year. This employee will receive a pay rise to ANG 10,000 per month in January of next year. However, this increase does not affect ZV insurance and although it will look very strange, ZV premium will have to be calculated in this payslip of ANG 10,000 gross per month (over a maximum of the SVB/SZV wage limit).

Therefore, it can occur that ZV premium should be applied, also on higher salaries than the SVB/SZV wage limit. That is why Celery can not automatically disable the ZV premium, and you therefore have to set this premium yourself manually.

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