About change to another financial year

  • Modified on: Fri, 4 Dec, 2020 at 1:32 PM
Please note that subsequent changes to processed salary in another year may cause differences due to updates from Celery. (also for other employees)

  • This FAQ shows step by step the solution how to change to another financial year.
  • The quick answer is: change the year in the tab of the employer
  • Another financial year could be in the past, or next year (if already open)
  • Be aware that you can not change to another year as long as there is still an open pay run.
  • To go back to this year, follow the link in top of your screen

How to do this step by step

  • In the employer menu, you find the current financial year:

  • Click on change
  • Change to the year of your choice
  • Click  Switch to change current financial year


  • Enter your password and click on switch

  • The current financial year is changed

To go back to the year you came from: click on go back on top of your screen


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