Wage code 111: Severance pay with special tax rate ruling

  • Modified on: Wed, 21 Aug, 2019 at 3:13 PM

Wage code 111 is named Severance pay (special tax rate ruling). But you can duplicate this wage code 111 and rename it.

You have to use this wage code for severance payments and in case you have a letter from the Tax Authorities that mentions which amount on Wage Tax and social premiums have to be applied in this calculation.

You can use this wage code 111 only in an Additional run that can be processed in Process/Additional run. When you are selecting this wage code you can enter the wage tax and premium amounts yourself. In that case Celery will not calculate the wage tax and premiums itself.

Although wage code 111 is not especially created for this option, you can use it to make manual adjustments in wage tax and social premiums. Amounts entered for wage tax and social premiums will be included in the Wage Tax declarations, Verzamelloonstaten and Annual documents (Loonopgaven and Loonbelastingkaarten). 


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