How do I create a wage code and how can I adjust its features?

  • Modified on: Mon, 26 Dec, 2016 at 4:16 AM

Only existing wage codes can be duplicated in Celery. Each wage code has certain fixed features. It is, therefore, essential to duplicate an existing wage code with the proper features if you want to add one.

In principle, a wage code concerns a debit/payment or credit/deduction code. This is the first thing to consider when duplicating a wage code. Other features may include:

  • Taxable wages
  • SVB premium wages
  • Mentioned on pay slip
  • Wages in kind / taxed fringe benefits
  • Extra earnings tax table applicable

Of course, combinations of the features mentioned above are also possible.

To make duplicating easier, click here for an overview of wage codes and their features. Based on these features you can determine which wage code you could duplicate.

Wage codes you have created start with a letter and end with a number. The letter indicates you yourself have created that particular wage code. The number can be chosen by you (as well as the letter, by the way). You could use the letter to indicate a connection with a wage code, for instance code S-270 for Sick Pay, B-80 for Bonuses or D-850 for Deductions.

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