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Is Celery secure?

Yes, Celery is 100% secure! All your data is secured by the SSL protocol, which is also used by many banks and government. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is...

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Is Celery easy to use?

Yes, Celery is very easy to use. Celery is an online payroll and HRM web app you can use as a user-friendly, quick and easy way to generate pay slips or app...

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For which islands/countries is Celery available?

At the moment, Celery is available for companies, institutions and Payroll Services Providers (PSP) on Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Aruba, the BES islands (Bonair...

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Can Celery also be used by Payroll Services Provider (PSP) (accounting and administrative offices)?

Yes, Celery can also be used by Payroll Services Provider (PSP). It is possible to manage several companies with just one Celery account. You can benefit fr...

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I have a question, who should I call?

Our support department can answer any question you may have and offers assistance with complicated payroll issues.  We can easily be contacted through Supp...

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Do I need fiscal knowledge to be able to use Celery?

No, fiscal knowledge is not required while using Celery. Taxed fringe benefits will automatically be applied correctly without the need for specific knowled...

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Does Celery use General Terms and Conditions?

Yes, Celery has General Terms and Conditions, which have been filed at the Chamber of Commerce of Curacao.  You can find these General Terms and Conditions...

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Does Celery include an HRM-module?

Yes, Celery Payroll does include an 'add-on' HRM-module. If you use Celery for your payroll, you can switch on the HRM-module in Employer/Inte...

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