Release overview March 8, 2024

  • Modified on: Sun, 7 Apr, 2024 at 11:40 PM

New Features

  • Replace "Sedula nummer" to "TIN nummer" in the Employee import for Guyana
  • Update base amounts for wage codes 502 and 506 for BES 2024
  • Add support for fixed net-to-gross amounts in employee details
  • Add support for cost center distribution based on hours during pay run processing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with report V9 for weekly paid employees
  • Make sure the correct employment status is shown in report V8
  • Make sure an empty payslip is supported by report G1
  • Update holidays in Guyana for tax-year 2024
  • Make sure removal of pay runs works for special runs
  • Fixes correct number of employees in report G36
  • Check if the country code is correct when importing company
  • Fix issue with report V11 for weekly paid employees
  • Fix issues in export from report G36

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