Release overview August 18, 2022

  • Modified on: Sun, 21 Aug, 2022 at 11:22 PM

New Features

  • Add employee numbers to the list of employees under time-off policy and pension plan
  • Add description to wage code 510
  • Remove Girobank from the bank export list in report X3
  • Add bank export support for Orco Bank
  • Improve permit field with extra number (Aruba)
  • Remove payment reference nr from A8 (Aruba)
  • Trim leading zeros in payment file for DSB
  • Add GODO U.A. to Co√∂peratieve Spaar- en Kredietbank
  • Add PSB bank to the list of banks for St.Maarten

Bug Fixes

  • Archives time-off requests of archived Time-Off policies
  • Add extra info for the medical tax for BES to improve the declaration report B8
  • Add X13 and X16 to the automatically generated reports
  • Updated import for hourly employees with 0 hours
  • Updates notes field for report X6
  • Prevent work schedules without hours for a periodically paid Employee

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