Payroll - step 2 - Upgrade a trial account

  • Modified on: Wed, 19 Oct, 2022 at 3:03 PM

1. upgrade using the green button [Upgrade then now >] at the top of your screen;

2. After clicking this button, you need to enter billing information;

3. Celery will now create a one-time setup invoice of USD 15.00 (excluding OB);

4. By email, you will receive a link to this invoice;

5. Pay the invoice;

6. You can now log in and get started;

7. Continue to the next step: Create employer(s).

Below is more information on the above steps, if necessary:

step 1: 

step 3:

Our billing cycle is fully automatic. If it was agreed with you in your offer that no set-up fee needs to be paid but you have unexpectedly received an invoice, please send notification of this to

step 4:

If you do not receive this link, please check your junk mail folder first.

All invoices can be found in your account (top right next to your name). You can see the status of your invoices there at any time. Celery bills automatically and per month in arrears. That means that the invoice for April, for example, will include all the processing done in March. If you processed several months in March, you will find them all on your April invoice. 

step 5:

If you pay by credit card through your account, your account will be upgraded immediately and you can start working immediately without restrictions. 

If you pay by bank, your account will be upgraded as soon as your payment is processed by us.

Step 6:

Go to to log in with your login and password.

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