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What are categories

In Celery, category means: part of a classification.

By this we mean that employees are classified into different categories in order to be able to properly organize taxes and premiums, among other things.

The various categories are listed below.


This is actually the most common category.

All standard taxes and premiums apply to a standard employee. 

Only when an exception applies to this, you could choose one of the following categories.


This category only applies on pension payments paid by a pension insurance company or in case of an in-house retirement pensionplan.

Wage tax is applicable on a pensioner, except for the employee and medical insurance. For a pensioner with a foreign tax liability certain exemptions may apply, which you have to set yourself.
If you choose this employee category, Celery does not ask for working hours per day and working days per week. The term gross salary has also been replaced by gross pension and the pay slip has been renamed to pension specification.
This category does not apply to wages from current employment, even though the employee has reached the pensionable age. For wages from current employment category 'standard' should be selected.

Ex-patriate with tax ruling

This concerns an employee for whom the expat tax status (ruling) has been applied for and granted. 

Certain fiscal advantages apply to an expatriate's salary.

In general, a net salary is agreed with the expatriate and in addition to the social security premiums, also Wage Tax is fully contributed by the employer. In this case, the net salary does not have to be grossed up and therefore Wage Tax and premiums are calculated based on the net salary. There are also certain exemptions for taxed fringe benefits and tax-free allowances.


This category can be used to draw up gross / net wage calculations and to make wage costs transparent.

All standard taxes and premiums of the sector chosen apply to a proforma employee. However, this employee will not be included in payroll processing. This category is often used to make gross/net wage calculations and provide information on wage costs. 

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