What is the difference between a periodic and extra run?

  • Modified on: Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 at 11:11 AM

Periodic run

A regular, or periodic run is intended for standard payroll processing in which the salary and all variable data are paid out.

When a new employee is added with a date of employment and the periodic run has already been processed, Celery automatically generates an additional periodic run for you, so you can still process that employee in these run(s). After processing, the documents are merged for you. So you never have to add several periods together for processing.

Extra run

An extra run is only intended for:

  • a final settlement upon termination of service after the employee has already received his last periodic run;
  • separate processing of one-time benefits such as holiday pay, bonus, 13th month
  • payment of an amount to the employee for whom he has received a ruling from the tax authorities.

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