Can Celery generate SVB / SZV Mutation forms automatically?

  • Modified on: Wed, 25 Jan, 2017 at 9:11 AM

Yes, report C24 has been added in Curacao and S24 in St. Maarten payrolls in Celery.

This report can be found in Celery in Reports / Periodic Reports. This S24 report concerns the blue SZV mutation form with which SZV mutations such as starters, leavers and/or salary changes have to be reported to the SZV. This S24 report has the same 13 columns as the original blue SZV mutation form.

This S24 report compares the last pay run processed with the preceding pay run and if there have been SZV mutations such as an starter and/or a salary change, these SZV mutations will be included in this report.

You can add this report as a standard generated report in Employer / Reports after closing pay run. After that Celery will generate this report automatically after processing the periodic pay run and all SZV changes that have to be reported to the SZV will end up in this report.

SZV has confirmed its approval of the layout of this Celery report, so it is just a matter of printing, signing and submitting this form. Please, do not forget to request a by SZV stamped copy for submission back from the SZV.

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