We do not pay vacation allowance once a year and always in the same month, to all employees, but it may vary which month the vacation allowance is paid. How can I enter this in Celery?

  • Modified on: Thu, 15 Feb, 2018 at 10:47 AM

Select payment period ‘December’ for vacation allowance under employee data. 

In the month the vacation allowance will actually be paid, you enter this amount as a change in case of a taxed payment under wage code 30. If it concerns a vacation allowance for which taxes and contributions have already, periodically, been paid, the amount to be paid has to be entered under wage code 34. As a result, a negative reservation for vacation allowance will be made (it will be paid earlier than in December), which will be nil in December and will therefore not be paid. For those employees who have not had their vacation allowance paid in the course of the year, it will be paid in December.

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