Getting started with Celery Tax Add-on for Aruba

  • Modified on: Wed, 26 Oct, 2022 at 5:40 PM

Use Celery Tax Add-on to make tax declaration a mistake-free experience. No more manual entry and switching between a PDF report and the Tax Authority portal.

All you have to do is:

1. Enable the Celery Tax Add-on integration in Celery.

Go to Employer / Integrations / General integrations and click on Celery Tax Add-on.

Once you are in Celery Tax Add-on, set Enabled to Yes: 

2. Install Celery Tax Add-on to your browser

Go to your browser extension store and add Celery Tax Add-on to your extensions (this needs to be done only once). For example in Google Chrome:


3. Log in to the Tax Authority portal

Go to to log in.

4. Start a new Wage Tax declaration and Celery does the rest

As soon as you start with your new Wage Tax declaration and the declaration form is shown, Celery will automatically fill in the form fields.

Opens in a new window 

5. Submit the form and enjoy the rest of the day.

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