Withholding of gross wages in connection with Covid-19 (Corona)

  • Modified on: Tue, 28 Apr, 2020 at 4:03 PM

First make a copy of wage code 260 and give it a name of your choice.  Below we assume your withholding of 50%.

(tab employer / wage code 260 / duplicate)

Then download an import sheet and delete all columns from column C. (personnel number and name remain)

(tab employer / integrations / Celery template and download the template)

As the column name, enter the number of the newly created wage code. In this example A260 and enter the correct percentage for all applicable employees. This can be 50, but also a different percentage. Don't forget to save this data.

Link the importsheet in Celery (tab employer / integrations / create your own horizontal template)

Got to tab process and open the new regular run.

Import the sheet with the import function.

A negative amount of wage tax will probably now appear. This is because the annual income is lowered and with it the annual payroll tax to be settled. As a result, Celery thinks that too much wage tax has been withheld in recent months. This is a one-off correction in recent months. The correct tax amount will be withheld next month.

If desired, you can deduct the negative amount from a copy of wage code 840 and correct this amount later this year (no later than December).

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