I see differences in SVB/SZV ZVOV premiums between Celery and other software. How is that possible?

  • Modified on: Tue, 31 Jan, 2017 at 6:03 PM

This can have different causes and depends on which other software you refer to.

In Payroll4 for example, it is not possible to add untaxed reservations for Vacation Allowance and 13th month to the monthly SVB/SZV wage which should be possible because you add these allowances also to the SVB/SZV wage on the SVB/SZV Mutation form. So even if the employees are entitled to these allowances it is not possible in Payroll4 to add them to the SVB/SZV wage and declarations. Celery does add them automatically to the SVB/SZV wage. Another cause for differences can be that Payroll4 is not calculating daily SVB/SZV wages to determine the correct base salary for these premiums. Calculating the daily SVB/SZV wage is however mandatory. Celery is calculating the correct daily SVB/SZV wage and premiums.

Payroll4 also calculates SVB/SZV premiums based on 80% of the wage in case only 80% is paid because of sickness/disability to work. That is not correct either. Celery always keeps calculating ZVOV premiums based on the 100% salary and that is correct.

In Payroll Pro you need to add an amount in some field called 'extra SVB income' but if you don't (or forget to update it), SVB/SZV premiums are also not calculated correctly. Furthermore in each wage code in Payroll Pro you have to determine and check the box yourself if this wage code is SVB/SZV wage, yes or no. And you can change it during the fiscal year! In Celery all wage codes are already set as SVB/SZV wage, or not. And you cannot change these settings. This way we avoid wrong calculations of SVB/SZV wage and premiums.  

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