I see differences in the AOV/AWW premium between Celery and other software I used before. How is that possible?

  • Modified on: Tue, 31 Jan, 2017 at 6:12 PM

Did you maybe use Payroll Pro software in a Curacao or SXM payroll? Payroll Pro is having some issues calculating the correct AOV/AWW premium, especially in Curacao payrolls with employees that earn more than ANG 100.000 per year. They calculate some kind of year salary to determine the excess above 100K, which calculation is based on the last processed payroll as being a representative payroll processed for future period to be processed. This is however not always (read 'never) the case. This way in some months the AOV/AWW premium is too high, and the next month AOV/AWW premium is being returned to both employee and employer.

In Celery we just calculate the excess above ANG 8.333,33 p/m (100.000/12), and 1% extra AOV/AWW premium is calculated on the excess. And once per year in December or earlier in case of a leaver (and the end-date is entered), we re-calculate and settle the AOV/AWW premium based on the actual year salary. 

In Payroll4 the AOV/AWW premium is not calculated correctly. We've seen cases in which applying the discount yes or no is only based on the regular salary, not on other wages such as overtime for example. That is not correct. Celery determines if we may apply the discount on all taxed wages, and that is correct.  

Please be aware that the AOV/AWW premium calculation in Celery is correct.

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