How do the Celery reseller fees actually work?

  • Modified on: Wed, 25 Jan, 2017 at 10:55 AM

If you process payrolls for your clients, you may be eligible for our favorable (lower) reseller fees. These fees depend on the

number of payrolls which you process. Please contact us for a suitable fee proposal.

Celery reseller fees work as follows: based on the number of payrolls and pay slips processed we agree with you a fixed fee per

Annual income statement (in Dutch: Jaaropgaaf). These fees vary from USD 34 to USD 7 per Annual income statement. This

yearly fee will be charged per Annual statement, regardless of the number of pay slips that you have processed for the employee concerned.

So for example if an employee is paid biweekly, 26 pay slips will be processed annually. The cost for these 26 pay slips will

therefore amount to USD 34.

Imagine you process payroll for an employee that is paid monthly but in any given year this employee receives 6 additional pay

slips processed in extra/additional pay runs. Also in this case the fee will remain USD 34 per year.

Suppose an employee is entering service on May 1, even in that case the fee will remain USD 34 per Annual income statement

so this USD 34 will be charged for the period from May to December.

We have chosen for this kind of pricing for resellers to keep things simple. Because resellers do not want to be ‘punished’ in the

form of more Celery costs because their clients have employees that are being paid by week or biweekly, or for example when

clients ask for the processing of extra/additional bonus pay runs.

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