Can I import changes like hours worked and overtime hours in Celery?

  • Modified on: Wed, 24 Oct, 2018 at 11:40 AM

Yes, it is possible to import changes while processing a payroll.

Changes can be imported using 2 file formats:

  • Excel
  • Comma Delimited (CSV)

This importing option is set in Celery per employer in Employer/Integrations/Import Templates. In this feature, Celery offers two options:

1) Generate and use a standard Celery import template or
2) create an import template of your own (existing) import file.
In option 1, Celery will generate an Excel file containing the names and employee numbers of your employees. It also includes the standard Celery wage codes in this file.
In option 2, you select your existing changes file and connect the various columns in this file to existing wage codes in Celery by sliding the names of the columns from the left of your screen to the right and to connect an existing wage code.

The actual import of the changes is executed during processing a payroll. In the screen where you usually enter the changes and hours manually, is now an option in the drop-down screen in the Update button to select the import file and by selecting the file the changes are imported.

Celery will inform you of any errors in the file such as missing employees or employee numbers.
If your import file shows column totals, during processing you can download a PDF changes report in the Check screen under the Approve button. At the bottom of this report you can quickly check the totals of the processed changes if they correspond to the totals in your import file.

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